Mandy HenningerHow did you get your start DJing?
My husband is a Dj and when he first began I was his assistant so we could spend time together and I could impress him with my music knowledge. Ha! I’ve always had a love for music, all kinds. I didn’t get serious until I did a few events for fun in which I received positive feedback and I knew he couldn’t have all the fun. After the most recent event, I didn’t realize that woman DJs are a commodity so I’m ready to Taylor Swift the music DJ scene.

What are your favorite types of events?
School events, birthday parties, cooperate events, and grand opening.

Tell us about your relationship with music?
Music was pivotal in my home growing up. I spent many summers by the pool with a cassette tape waiting for my song to play on the radio so I could hit play and record at the same time. Saturday morning “clean the house with mom” always had music playing because then it didn’t seem so bad as a teenager. My dad had a greater love for music and he really expanded my knowledge across the genres. As an adult, I still have kitchen dance parties with my 3-year-old daughter when cooking. It makes the food taste so much better.

Do you have a favorite moment from Djing?
While DJ’ing a 5K race, I was asked to play something to get the runners hype before the gun went off signaling to go. I played Katy Perry’s song, RISE, she wrote for the Olympics and it set such a moving presence. There is no better feeling than nailing the perfect song at the perfect time set to the tone of the crowd. One song can cause a surge of emotions.

What’s the most rewarding part of Djing?
I think it’s an honor to be chosen and trusted to help others make a lasting memory.

How has Kentucky Pro DJ helped you in your career development?
KY PRO DJ has blessed our family! We have made many longlasting friendships working in this industry. My husband and owner gets to do what he loves and for this I am grateful. It is a confidence booster because you have to be polished to get in front of very large groups and speak with confidence because you are more than prepared and have been groomed by Jason himself.

What has been your favorite event at Kentucky Pro DJ?
I enjoyed watching kids who never get an opportunity to participate in school dances move the night away with pure joy on their faces.

How do you keep yourself young?
By pretending I’m not getting older coupled with enjoying life.

Who’s your favorite superhero?
ALL MOMS, because they are super hero’s…..bottom line
Cancer Survivors are the epitome of a superhero to me

Where did you graduate high school from?
Corbin High

Why do you enjoy DJ’ing?
I think life is about “moments” and when you’re hiring a DJ you have something brewing in your head that is the driving force of your event, or a specific moment/feeling you are striving to create, and I enjoy facilitating those moments.