How did you get your start as a DJ?
I got my start as a DJ back in college and have been hooked ever since!

What are your favorite types of events?
I love uptempo events. I’m a very enthusiastic and high-energy DJ, but any event where I can use my personality to help positively influence the mood of everyone else is my favorite!

What’s the best kind of bride?
I love the brides who aren’t afraid to pull people on the dance floor (including their new husband!). If the bride is having fun everything else falls into place seamlessly and the celebration is always memorable.

Tell us about your relationship with music?
I have a very active relationship with music that started when I was young. I have two older brothers who are both musicians so I learned to love music at an early age. I use music to express myself when I’m happy or to turn my day around if I’m feeling down. Essentially music has become an extension of who I am. If I can’t play a favorite song at any given moment I have no problem singing it out loud.

Do you have a favorite moment as a DJ?
My favorite moment came when I was asked to be part of The Joyful Day Giveaway. I had the pleasure of helping DJ the most incredible wedding for a beautiful bride and her fiancé who unfortunately had a terminal illness. In those hours spent with them as a couple and their families, we were all made better just to be in the presence of love between two of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met.

What do you like most about working at Kentucky Pro DJ?
There are three things I like best about working with this team. First is the camaraderie between everyone. We are a tight-knit group! Secondly, I love how much each wedding DJ cares about providing an incredible service to each and every bride and groom who choose us. Lastly, we are all very competitive so with each wedding we are striving to be the absolute best. This constantly pushes us all to become better DJs and makes every event we do amazing and different.

How do you define success?
I define success as not how you use your skills to better yourself but how you use those skills to better the lives of others. If you spend your time bettering the lives of others than you’ve made the world a better place. Spreading joy everywhere you go will only bring that much joy back to you.

What’s your favorite sport?
If the United States is competing internationally it doesn’t matter what the sport is! It could be an international lawn bowling tournament pitting the U.S.A. against the rest of the world and I would be the biggest fan ever! My favorite sport to play is soccer, and I actually went to college on a scholarship and took a shot at playing professionally!

Where did you graduate from high school?
I graduated from Mercer County Senior High School in Harrodsburg, Kentucky (home of the Mighty Titans).