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Advice for Choosing Your Wedding Ceremony Music

Written by on 14 July 2018

Your wedding ceremony will be the main attraction for your big day, as it will be the moment that you and your partner officially become a married couple. This is where your marriage will begin. Doesn’t such a crucial moment deserve the perfect soundtrack? How to Begin Planning Your Wedding Music Choosing the music for […]

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How to Begin Planning Your Wedding Music

Written by on 6 July 2018

When you think of all the wedding details that will greatly influence your guests, you likely see that your décor will set the stage for your celebration. But, you will also see that your music is a powerful tool you can use within your wedding, as it will create whatever ambiance you desire. One moment […]

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Create the Perfect First Dance with These Tips

Written by on 1 July 2018

What wedding moment will you and your wedding guests remember with great clarity? It may be the delicious taste of your cake, or it could be your breathtaking first dance. The raw passion and emotion that are displayed when a newlywed couple shares their first dance is unforgettable. It means more to your guests than […]

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Tips for Creating a Soundtrack for Your Big Day

Written by on 12 June 2018

When you watch your favorite movie, you feel the emotions that fit important moments in your film. The music that plays during these critical moments of your movie can greatly influence your emotions. These songs come together to create the movie soundtrack. Just as a movie, your wedding day will feature its own soundtrack that […]

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Things That Should Be Told To Your Wedding DJ

Written by on 8 June 2018

There is a grand plan to your wedding, and everyone has a part to play. You and your partner are the main attraction, while your wedding party is the supporting cast. Your vendors work to make your wedding elements come together, such as food, entertainment, and more. Each person must know every detail to their […]

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Tips for Planning the Perfect First Dance

Written by on 30 May 2018

When hosting a wedding, you certainly want to make an impression with your guests. From centerpieces to your music, there are many ways you can create that “wow” factor. However, if you really want to make an impression, you must first get everyone’s attention, and what better time to do so than with your first […]

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Popular Modern Songs for Your Wedding Ceremony

Written by on 16 May 2018

There is no doubt that your wedding ceremony will be a romantic event! And, it can certainly be even more intimate with the perfect soundtrack. The setting you create for your ceremony will lead to lasting memories that you will cherish forever. So, it is crucial that you take your time when choosing your wedding […]

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Unique Entertainment Ideas for Your Wedding

Written by on 9 May 2018

Music and dancing is a great way to entertain your wedding guests. However, if you want to make an impression, there are other forms of entertainment that you can utilize for your big day. After all, your wedding should be an event that is remembered for the many years to come! Avoid Presenting This Music […]

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