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Timelines are a great way to keep your wedding on track. from the moment you start planning to the day you execute your wedding events. There is another timeline that is crucial to your wedding ambiance, ceremony, and overall experience, and that would be your music timeline.

Basic Tips for Planning the Music for Your Wedding Reception

Music will be present at your wedding from the moment your guests begin taking their seats for your ceremony, until you jet off to your honeymoon. Therefore, it is important to present it to perfection.

We love seeing couples use music to their advantage on their big day! That’s why, here at Kentucky Pro DJ, we have gathered a few tips for creating a basic timeline for your own wedding music. Would you like to discover some great advice? If so, be you will certainly want to continue reading:

  • The Beginning of Your Ceremony. To begin your wedding day, your guests will experience your prelude, which is the time that they will take their seats for your ceremony. The music presented should be soft, relaxed, and welcoming, such as by artists like John Legend.
  • A Welcome for the Bride. Your wedding party will welcome you down the aisle, which is known as the processional. The music presented should set a romantic mood as your members make their way down the aisle ahead of you. A Thousand Years by Christina Perri is an ideal song choice for the moment.
  • Just Married! After your ceremony is complete, you will make your newlywed exit! This moment, known as your recessional, should get your guests pumped to celebrate at your reception. So, showcase a song such as Is This Love by Bob Marley for yours.
  • Transition Time. While you and your wedding party are transitioning from your romantic ceremony to your upbeat reception, your guests will mingle and indulge in some delicious food and drinks during your wedding cocktail hour. Music for this occasion should keep the energy up, but still relaxed. Frank Sinatra is a great artist to play!
  • Your Grand Entrance. Now it’s time to kick up the mood and get the celebration started at your wedding reception! Make a statement as you make your entrance with a song that will accentuate the festive mood, such as Raise Your Glass by Pink.

2018 Wedding Music Trends to Consider

With these tips, you can confidently plan your wedding music! After all, your atmosphere deserves to be spectacular. Here at Kentucky Pro DJ, as a wedding DJ in Lexington, Kentucky, we are happy to help you with your wedding entertainment needs. Contact us today to share your love story and start planning with your Lexington wedding DJ.


Photo Credit: Christina Wehbe Studios