wedding music

When you think of all the wedding details that will greatly influence your guests, you likely see that your décor will set the stage for your celebration. But, you will also see that your music is a powerful tool you can use within your wedding, as it will create whatever ambiance you desire. One moment you can have your guests dancing with joy and laughter, and the next you can have romance in the air as they stare into their own partner’s eyes.

Create the Perfect First Dance with These Tips

Therefore, know that it all comes down to planning your wedding music correctly!

Here at Kentucky Pro DJ, we know just how useful and vital music is on your big day. So, we have a few tips to share on how to begin planning your own wedding music. To learn more about how you can present flawless music, be sure to continue reading:

  • Having the Right Equipment. Before your wedding can be filled with music, you have to have the right equipment. Check with your DJ to see what they offer, from speaker set-ups to quality equipment. Keep an eye out for proper placement of your speakers within your venue, as your entertainer needs a place to put on a show that will put out the best sound.
  • The Cost of Your Music. When you look at your wedding budget, how much do you have set aside for wedding entertainment? These prices will determine what kind of music you will feature. Keep in mind that your wedding music will be what entertains your guests and should be given a great deal of consideration. DJs feature personality that will feed the energy of your celebration. So, when choosing yours, see what they can offer your big day in regard to packages, to ensure that you don’t forgo any essential musical entertainment. After all, booking a cheap, amateur DJ is certainly not the route you will want to go for such a celebratory event.
  • Setting the Mood for Your Ceremony. As we talked about above, your music can set the ambiance for your entire celebration. But, there are other aspects that will contribute to your vibe as well, such as your venue. Does your venue fit will with the music you were hoping to showcase? For example, if you are hosting a rustic wedding in a barn, you are setting the tone for country music. These two details will blend together to create your wedding vibe for a beautiful ceremony.

Aspects to Keep in Mind When Planning Your Wedding Music

Planning your wedding music can greatly benefit your celebration, and these tips are here to help you do just that! Here at Kentucky Pro DJ, as a Lexington wedding DJ, we are ready to provide wonderful music for your big day. Contact us today to share your musical tastes and to book your wedding DJ in Lexington, Kentucky.


Photo Credit: Christina Wehbe Studios