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As you plan your wedding, you many encounter many questions. Which theme should you choose? What food should you serve? What flowers should you utilize? These are all average questions that brides and grooms often encounter.

Things to Consider When Planning Your Wedding Music

However, there are some questions about wedding music that you will want to keep in mind, and knowing the answers will certainly assist with your planning.

Here at Kentucky Pro DJ, we understand that you will want your wedding music presented to perfection. That’s why we have gathered some answers to some common wedding music questions. To discover what these answers are, be sure to continue reading:

  • Do I Have to Walk Down the Aisle to The Traditional Wedding March? The answer is certainly no! This is your big day, and you can personalize your grand entrance. Brides today are choosing to present an array of genres for their special walk down the aisle. If you are seeking a romantic option, consider A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. For a more upbeat journey, you could walk to Is This Love by Bob Marley.
  • Do I Have to Incorporate Dances into My Reception? The choice is ultimately yours! There are many dances that you can choose to present within your wedding reception, which will certainly add some fun. However, none are mandatory. Some dances to consider are: First dance, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, money dance, and a farewell dance.
  • Do I Have to Play a Variety of Genres? Again, this is your wedding, and you can present any songs that you please. However, we encourage you to play an array of genres within your wedding. With many people attending and many musical interests, you will want to please everyone with your sound. Even if you have a specific taste in music, it doesn’t mean your guests will too, so be mindful of the songs that you present.

Inspiration for Your Wedding Recessional Song Choice

It is important to remember that music will be a main factor of success for your big day! These are just a few answers to some common wedding music questions to assist you with planning yours. If you are ready to hire a Lexington, Kentucky wedding DJ, please feel free to contact us here at Kentucky Pro DJ. We would be honored with the opportunity to be your wedding DJ in Lexington.


Photo Source: – Scott Webb