first dance

Whether you and your partner are avid dancers, or if you will be sporting a more unique style of dance at your wedding, your first dance as a newlywed couple should be magical! Planning the perfect first dance can be somewhat tricky. From the representing the best moves to choosing the perfect song, you will be met with quite a few details that contribute to your special first dance together.

You will have one chance to create a memorable first dance as a married couple. Therefore, it’s important that your dance is planned to perfection.

One key detail that will make your first dance wonderful, is the song that you choose. That’s why, here at Kentucky Pro DJ, we have gathered some tips to assist you choosing the perfect song for your first dance. If you want your special dance to be incredible, be sure to continue reading for some insight:

  • Choose a song with meaning. Your first dance should be special to you and your partner. It can hold hidden meaning, communicate your relationship style, or even tell your story. Do you remember the song that was playing the first time you met, or danced together? These can all serve as lovely song choices to celebrate your time together. Songs that present a sentimental meaning can help to make your first dance more personal to you, your partner, and your relationship, so play close attention to the lyrics.
  • Timing. The lyrics and meaning of the song you choose for your first dance is just as important as the length. Imagine that you are watching a movie…if this movie so happens to seem too long, and drags on, is it a pleasant experience? Most likely not. However, if the movie is too short, it could feel as though you are missing out on something that could’ve been incredible. Your first dance is no different, and should be around 2 to 3 minutes long, to present a heartfelt and enjoyable experience for both you and your guests.
  • Exploring all your options. To choose a great song for your first dance, it’s important to really get a feel for the type of music that you and your partner enjoy. Listening to your music library on shuffle will give you highlights of the music you tend to listen to, which could present you with some great options. The genre of your dance will greatly determine the mood you are trying to set. Once you determine a genre, you will have narrowed down your options to a quality selection of great music. It can also help to speak with your DJ about suggestions that they might have, to assist in inspiring you.

Your first dance is an intimate and memorable moment within your wedding that you and your partner will always hold dear to your hearts. Utilizing these tips will assist you in choosing the perfect song for such a special occasion. If you are still seeking a wedding DJ in Lexington, Kentucky, please feel free to get in touch with Kentucky Pro DJ. With years of experience, we look forward to providing your Lexington wedding with great music.


Photo Source: – David Russo