Imagine dancing away with your friends or your new spouse, when an atrocious song starts playing. Even though the song may not be awful, it has likely been overplayed and just brings the mood of the whole dance floor, down. Now, what was a fun moment for you and your guests, has turned into an awkward scurry off the dance floor.

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There are plenty of good songs to play for your big day, but there are also those few lumps of coal among the gems. The last thing you want is for your guests to leave the dance floor due to an unlikable song, and be too afraid to return.

We believe that the right soundtrack paves the way for an unforgettable celebration. That’s why, here at Kentucky Pro DJ, we have put together a few songs that you and your partner should avoid playing at your wedding. To learn how you can avoid a dance floor disaster, be sure to continue reading:

  • I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston. As if getting married wasn’t already a very obvious notion that you will love your partner forever, this song just continues to repeat the fact. Can you say needlessly repetitive? However, it is also important to know that the lyrics, while sounding romantic, actually represent being in love with someone that you are no longer with…not really an ideal choice for such a special day!
  • Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gee. Breaking through in the 70’s, this song was certainly a hit. Sometimes, it can be good for a throwback, or a personal performance in front of your mirror. However, the wedding world is sick of it, after four decades, it’s time to move on. Instead, keep your dance floor alive with some modern music!
  • Every Breath You Take by the Police. If you are aiming for romance, you are definitely missing the mark with this one. Rather than setting a romantic setting, are putting off more of a stalker vibe. While you of course love your partner more than you could ever express, you certainly don’t want to represent that love with a song that seems as though you watch each and every move that they make.
  • We Are Family by Sister Sledge. No one is denying that you and your partner are joining together, creating a whole new family. You are gaining your partner’s family as your own, just as your partner is gaining yours. Everyone gets it, and you don’t need to remind them with a song that is repetitive.

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Although these songs may be good, the wedding world is tired of them. It’s time to make way for new and wonderful music. Here at Kentucky Pro DJ, as a wedding DJ in Lexington, Kentucky, we can assist you in planning the perfect wedding entertainment for your big day. Please feel free to contact us today to book your Lexington wedding DJ.


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