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After you and your partner walk down the aisle, recite your vows, and say “I do”, you will make your way back down the aisle and head to your reception. This is a wonderful time to celebrate your nuptials with those closest to you. You will be able to dance, enjoy a scrumptious cuisine, and converse with your closest friends and family members.

Song Options for Your Anniversary Dance

The energy of your reception is greatly dependent upon your wedding music. Whether you decide to liven the mood with upbeat music, or take it down a notch with some romantic love songs, your music can set the right mood for your celebration. However, it’s crucial that you don’t let your wedding music kill the vibe of your reception.

Here at Kentucky Pro DJ, we believe that your reception is a time to celebrate your nuptials, and shouldn’t be brought down by poor music choices. That’s why we have put together a few things to watch out for when presenting your own wedding music. Be sure to continue reading to learn how you can keep your celebration alive and thriving:

  • Playing Songs That Are Offensive. Playing songs that are offensive is a sure-fire way to insult at least one person within your wedding reception, or make them feel uncomfortable. It’s best to avoid songs that feature foul lyrics or and mature language. You can guarantee that parents of small children and even your grandparents are going to disapprove of such music.
  • Playing the Wrong Tempo. Believe it or not, the tempo can set the pace for your entire wedding reception. There will be different occasions within your reception, such as your first dance and your cake cutting ceremony, that require their own tempo. For example, a romantic first dance requires a slow and intimate tempo. On the other hand, your bouquet and garter toss deserve an upbeat tempo to get your guests pumped for the event. In addition, general music for the dance floor, should receive a danceable tempo. Therefore, genres such as heavy metal should be avoided.
  • A First Dance That Drags On. Yes, this is your wedding day, and you can do whatever makes you and your spouse happy. However, if you are aiming to keep the crowd entertained and excited for your wedding celebration, it’s important to keep their attention. If your first dance is way too long, your guests will lose their energized vibe and begin to wander. Overall, your first dance should be around two to three minutes long.

Tips for Interviewing Your Wedding DJ

Your wedding reception should be everything you hoped for it to be, and with the right music, it certainly can be! Here at Kentucky Pro DJ, as a wedding DJ in Lexington, Kentucky, we can help you create an energetic and unforgettable wedding reception. Contact us today to begin planning your Lexington wedding entertainment.


Photo Source: – John Hope