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You and your partner have experienced your first-looks, walked down the aisle, exchanged rings and “I Do’s”, and now it’s time to celebrate your new union. You are now married! It’s such an exciting time in your life, and your reception is the perfect time to dance with loved ones, with your new spouse, smash cake, toss bouquets and garters, and celebrate many other lovely traditions. One key part of your wedding, from the moment you walk down the aisle to the very end of your reception, is your wedding entertainment.

How to Choose Your Wedding Ceremony Music

A DJ is a fantastic choice for your big day. They can announce every important event within your wedding, and they will keep your guests on the dance floor, as they are having the time of their lives. If you want your wedding to be as magical as you imagined, it’s crucial that you pick a great wedding DJ.

So, what makes a great wedding DJ? Here at Kentucky Pro DJ, we believe that every wedding deserves a DJ that will honor the newlywed couple and their wedding vision. That’s why we have put together a couple of things that make a great wedding DJ. If you want your big day to be complemented with the best entertainment, be sure to keep reading to reveal more:

  • Your music tastes and the crowd’s. Your wedding day is sure to be filled with many different personalities and tastes, especially when it comes to music. While some may enjoy all the hottest and newest songs, others may still have their heart set on more classic music. You and your partner are the main concern when choosing music for your big day. Your DJ should be able to read the crowd and play music that will keep them upbeat and enjoying themselves. A perfect balance of what you enjoy, as well as your guests, is crucial for the success of your big day entertainment, and a great DJ will know exactly what to play and when.
  • Pronunciation is key. How embarrassing would it be if your DJ pronounced you and your partner’s name incorrectly as they announce you as newlyweds? It’s a mistake that can’t happen on your big day. A great DJ will be sure that they fully understand your names and know how to pronounce them, along will any other members of your wedding that will need announced.
  • No lone rangers. Your wedding DJ is in charge of entertaining your guests. However, this does not mean that they have to take the lone ranger approach. A great DJ will work with your other vendors in order to create the perfect setting and atmosphere for your big day.

Hire Kentucky Pro DJ

Finding a great DJ for your big day is never impossible. These are just a few of the things that will help you identify what DJs are truly magnificent, and fitting for your big day. Here at Kentucky Pro DJ, as a Lexington wedding DJ, we would be honored to help make your wedding day an extraordinary event. If you want quality Lexington, Kentucky wedding music, be sure to contact us today.