Imagine that you and your partner are dancing at your reception. You and your guests are having a fabulous time, the dance floor is filled, and you can even spot your grandparents sharing in the fun. Everything is going great! Suddenly, the song changes, and you can see the crowd slowly leaving the dance floor. Soon, you and your partner are one of the few left on the dance floor and the dancing mood seems to have crumbled.

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This all could have been avoided if the song choice was better. You can avoid tragedies like this at your wedding, by avoiding the wedding songs that no one can stand. There are actually many songs that wedding polls have said to skip, are you aware of what they are?

Here at Kentucky Pro DJ, we believe that your wedding music has the power to create and change moods within your reception. We want to help you choose the best songs for your big day, and that’s why we have put together the top songs that wedding polls have said to skip. If you would like to learn what these songs are, take a look to discover them:

  • Macarena by Los Del Rio. Your wedding is a festive event, a time for love, celebration, and good wishes. Playing Macarena by Los Del Rio becomes a total cliché. Yes, it’s a festive song, but every event ever has played this song too many times, leading to its doom. You are likely tired of hearing it, your guests are certainly tired of hearing it, and it has started to put a damper on your romantic mood, rather than allow it to thrive.
  • We Are Family by Sister Sledge. You and your partner are joining each other in marriage, and have united your family members. Everyone is happy to meet their new family. The last thing you want to do is to state the obvious with the song We Are Family by Sister Sledge. Not only are you stating the painfully obvious, but your guests will be haunted with the chorus long after your big day has finished.
  • The Chicken Dance. For your wedding day, the delectable chicken adorning your wedding menu should be the only chicken present. While the Chicken Dance may have been funny and lighten the mood in the past, it has officially moved in to the “too overplayed and ridiculous to be fun” territory. Your guests are sure to flee the dance floor when they begin to hear The Chicken Dance flow from your speakers.

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Your wedding music should include a variety of songs that everyone knows and loves. However, these songs are the exception, and playing them will cause your festive mood and dance floor population to diminish. Here at Kentucky Pro DJ, as Lexington wedding DJs, we would be honored to assist you with your wedding music, as we know how to keep your wedding guests in the festive mood. To being planning your Lexington, Kentucky wedding entertainment, please be sure to contact us today.


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