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There is so much fun to be had at a wedding! Dancing, sweet treats, newlywed bliss, and flutes of bubbly champagne; your big day will contain many different events. Of course, every single moment will be special because you have your partner with you. However, you can go the extra mile and make your events even more magical, more entertaining, and more romantic. With the simple addition music, your special wedding moments can take on a whole new mood.

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Music is a powerful tool within your wedding. You can use different songs and melodies to embellish the mood, or even bring a new meaning to events, such as your cake cutting ceremony, first dance, wedding ceremony, and even your bouquet and garter tosses.

We believe that music can evolve a wedding, transforming it from ordinary to awe-inspiring. That’s why, here at Kentucky Pro DJ, we have put together a few songs that will create a wonderful atmosphere within your big day. If you want to host an unforgettable wedding, be sure to keep reading to discover how you can:

  • You may now cut the cake. Cake tasting was most likely a blast! Now, you can allow your guests to enjoy the sweet tiered goodness that you designed. While the cake will be delicious, you have the opportunity to add some pizzazz to your cake cutting ceremony. A few great songs for your sweet ceremony are: Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith, Honey Bee by Blake Shelton, or Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard.
  • Wedding entrance. Your wedding entrance is what you will prepare for all morning. Your grand walk down the aisle, the moment your wedding officially kicks off. For your entrance, a romantic song will help you create your memorable moment, build anticipation, and even release the flood gates for happy tears. A beautiful, modern song choice is A Thousand Years by Christina Perry. However, if you choose to go a more traditional route, the Wedding March is always an ideal choice.
  • Wedding exit. For your grand exit, it’s time to celebrate your new marriage! Upbeat songs will set the celebratory mood and make way for the reception. Songs such as Beautiful Day by U2, or Sugar by Maroon 5 would be uplifting choices.
  • All the singles, line up. Your bouquet and garter tosses will have all your single loved ones lined up on the dance floor. This is a fun festivity, and the music should match. You can get your singles amped up and have them reveling in the competition, with the perfect songs. Whatta Man by Salt N’ Peppa or Single Ladies by Beyoncé are great choices.

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The events within your wedding will already be great. But, why settle for great when you can have incredible? Here at Kentucky Pro DJ, as Lexington wedding DJs, we are here to assist you in creating lasting wedding memories and providing fantastic wedding entertainment. If you want the best musical entertainment for your Lexington, Kentucky wedding, please contact us today.


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