first dance

When hosting a wedding, you certainly want to make an impression with your guests. From centerpieces to your music, there are many ways you can create that “wow” factor. However, if you really want to make an impression, you must first get everyone’s attention, and what better time to do so than with your first dance?

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Featuring a wonderful dance will not only shock and awe your guests, but it will give you and your partner a more fulfilling experience for your big day.

We love seeing newlyweds share such a magical moment! That’s why, here at Kentucky Pro DJ, we have gathered some tips to assist you with planning your own first dance. To gather some great insight, be sure to continue reading:

  • Know Your Stage. When you arrive on the dance floor for your first dance, it becomes your stage. But, before you can do any dancing, you must be sure that you have plenty of room for each and every move. Know your dance floor before you begin planning your dance choreography.
  • A Song That Complements You. The right song is just as important as the moves. Not only does it set the mood for your dance, but it will present a style as well. The song should match the pace of your desired dance and should complement your relationship.
  • Timing Is of Importance. How awful is it when you are watching something that just won’t end? You are standing, hungry, and excited for the festivities to begin, but the current performance just won’t stop. Your guests will feel like this if your dance drags on. Ideally, your first dance should last approximately two to three minutes.
  • Practice Is Key for Success. Winging your first dance certainly wouldn’t be ideal! You and your partner will need some time to learn how to move with one another. Ensure that you take the time to practice before the big day, so that you can confidently glide across the dance floor with one another.

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With these tips under your belt, you are ready to plan an incredible first dance with your partner! Here at Kentucky Pro DJ, as a Lexington wedding DJ, we are happy to provide flawless music for your big day, and your first dance! Contact us today to book your wedding DJ in Lexington, Kentucky.


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