wedding djs

Your wedding day will be a grand celebration of your love, the commitment you share, and the fact that you found your soul mate. It will surely be an incredible event filled with food and entertainment. Champagne glasses clinking, delicious and tempting food, loved ones dancing the night away, and your DJ playing all the best music to accompany your big day.

When it comes to choosing your perfect entertainment, a DJ is a wonderful choice for many reasons. However, there are all too many people who have been exposed to misconceptions that are not true at all. You should not compromise your wedding day entertainment due to a few misconceptions.

We believe that a wedding just wouldn’t be the same without an incredible source of entertainment, such as a DJ. That’s why, here at Kentucky Pro DJ, we have put together a few misconceptions that we want to put to rest. For a little insight on how you can have the best wedding entertainment, be sure to keep reading to discover more:

  • A DJ is only good for playing music…No! You will have many precious moments within your wedding day, from becoming newlyweds to your first dance. We will be there for every second of it, providing the perfect music to make your moments unforgettable. Not only do we provide fitting music, but we will also make your big announcements for all your guests to hear. We are the DJ and MC on your wedding day. We will encourage guests to get out on the dance floor, as well as create an upbeat and celebratory ambience.
  • DJs need guidance in the form of a song list…Definitely not! There is absolutely no need to provide your DJ with a song list. Of course, you will have songs that will make your day perfect, such as for your cake cutting ceremony or first dance. However, it’s important that your DJ have freedoms when choosing music. Being restricted to a playlist does not allow your DJ to read the crowd, and adjust the music to keep everyone on the dance floor. Discussing a desired style is a much better option than creating a strict playlist.
  • Requests are not allowed…It’s your choice! Your guests know what they want to hear. You certainly have your own songs that you are looking forward to hearing. However, the more your guests are allowed to interact with the music, the more likely they are to enjoy the celebration and rock the dance floor. It’s entirely up to you if you would like to allow your guests to make song requests.

Here at Kentucky Pro DJ, we know that DJs are the perfect choice for a wedding. We hope that these misconceptions have been put to rest, and don’t stop you from choosing an incredible source of entertainment for your big day. To plan your own wedding Lexington DJ entertainment, please feel free to contact us today.