first dance

What wedding moment will you and your wedding guests remember with great clarity? It may be the delicious taste of your cake, or it could be your breathtaking first dance. The raw passion and emotion that are displayed when a newlywed couple shares their first dance is unforgettable. It means more to your guests than you may realize.

Aspects to Keep in Mind When Planning Your Wedding Music

Have you started planning your newlywed dance yet?

We value the effect that quality wedding music has on an audience! That’s why, here at Kentucky Pro DJ, we have gathered a few creative tips for creating the perfect first dance for you and your partner. To discover some great inspiration, be sure to continue reading:

  • Embrace Dance Lessons. If you really want to bring something new to the table, you need a few new moves. Dance classes are a great way to sharpen your skills and even add a few new moves to your tool belt. You can showcase a unique, choreographed dance, as well as take part in a bonding experience with your partner before the big day.
  • Give Your DJ The Right Materials. Your DJ plays a key part in making your special moment happen. They absolutely need the correct version of your song. Let your DJ know of the song which you plan to dance to, as well as the length. Ideally, your first dance should last between two and three minutes.
  • The Specifics. Your wedding dance should not be too long, so pay attention to the length of your chosen song. As mentioned, your dance should last appropriately two to three minutes, as to not drag on and lose the attention of your guests. Also, make sure that the tempo matches your moves and the mood you are trying to set, whether you are choosing to present a slow and romantic dance, or something more upbeat and festive.

Tips for Creating a Soundtrack for Your Big Day

Your first dance will certainly be a magical moment! These are just a few tips to ensure that yours is planned to perfection. To book your wedding DJ in Lexington, Kentucky, please contact us here at Kentucky Pro DJ. We look forward to being your Lexington wedding DJ.


Photo Source: – Cara Neil