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Having fun on your wedding day is a must! The last thing you will want to see, as you peer over your bubbling champagne glass, is a dance floor that is empty and barren. Seeing your loved ones enjoy the night is an uplifting way to begin your new marriage. Everyone should be in high spirits, dancing the night away.

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However, just because you want a full dance floor, doesn’t mean that it will happen on its own. If you want to keep your dance floor filled with happy guests that are enjoying the moment, you will need to arm yourself with the right tips.

We love seeing a newlywed couple surrounded by those they love on the dance floor! That’s why, here at Kentucky Pro DJ, we have put together just the tips that you will need to keep your own wedding guests celebrating all night long. Are you interested in learning more? If so, be sure to continue reading:

  • Take the lead. One of the best ways to have others join you is to lead by example. If your wedding guests see you out on the dance floor enjoying yourself, they are more likely to join in on the fun. Your guests will want to connect with you, and dancing is a great way for them to do so. Therefore, get out there and pull out your best moves on the dance floor!
  • Mix it up! Your wedding music should be filled with variety. Of course, you won’t put a single song on repeat, but if you leave your guests dancing to the same old genre, they will become bored. Limiting your music also limits the number of guests that will connect to your music choices. You will have a variety of guests, so an equally diverse playlist will help you to keep everyone on the dance floor.
  • Ignite the encouragement. Your wedding DJ won’t just be hired to present music. In fact, they will also act as an MC for your big day, full of personality. Each DJ is basically a different flavor, all with their own, unique vibe. As they present your wedding music, they will utilize their festive personalities to encourage your guests to get out on the dance floor, as well as play the right songs at the right times by reading the room, keeping your reception exciting, engaging, and fun!
  • Give your guests a say. Dancing the night away is great, of course. But, one way to keep a person interested in something is to let them be interactive with it. This goes for your wedding music as well. While you can of course start a conga line if you please, you can also allow your guests to have a say in the music. Consider sending some music request cards along with your RSVP’s, so that you can create your playlist to showcase the favorite songs of your guests.

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Keeping your wedding guests on the dance floor can be a difficult task, especially for those wall flowers in the family. These few tips will help you draw out your guest’s inner dance star! Here at Kentucky Pro DJ, we would be honored to assist you in pumping up your Lexington, Kentucky wedding with great music! If you are ready to begin planning your Lexington wedding entertainment, please feel free to contact us today.


Photo Source: – Emily May