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What could be better for your wedding day than flowers, cake, and confetti? An incredible soundtrack of course! Throughout your big day, many moments can present event more pizzazz if they are accompanied by music. This is especially true for your wedding ceremony, as you will want to set the best atmosphere for both you and your guests.

The right music for your wedding ceremony will do wonders for your big day! After all, you want to begin your marriage in the best setting, don’t you?

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Here at Kentucky Pro DJ, we believe that the music can create a magic all its own for your wedding day. That’s why we have put together a few tips on how to choose your wedding ceremony music. If you want your ceremony to be a memorable event, be sure to keep reading to discover how it can be:

  • The ceremony prelude. Guests will need a little time to find their seats, greet other guests and family members, and settle in. This time does not have to be silent. Providing a lovely musical setting with songs such as A Thousand Years by Christina Perri will keep the awkward silences at bay.
  • Processional for your wedding party. Your groomsmen and bridesmaids will make their way down the aisle. You can either put on an entertaining display with an entrance dance paired with a song such as Forever by Chris Brown. Or, take a traditional approach with songs such as Hymne by The O’Neill Brothers.
  • Here comes the bride processional. This is it, your big entrance! You can set the right mood with a modern song such as Marry Me by Train. Or perhaps, you could set the tone with a more unique and upbeat song choice like Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars.
  • The ceremony interlude. If there is any moment where you might be pausing the ceremony, such as preparing your candle or sand ceremony, the right song will keep the spirit of the ceremony going. Can’t Help Falling in Love by Haley Reinhart is a romantic song choice to present.
  • Newlywed exit, recessional. You are now newlyweds! Now it’s time to make your grand exit together. This is your chance to set the tone for your reception too. An upbeat song will get your guests excited for the following reception. Sugar by Maroon 5 is a wonderful way to get the celebration started!
  • Lingering postlude. Now that you and your new spouse have made your exit, your guests will begin to slowly make their way to cocktail hour or the reception area. You can fill this gap in between ceremony and celebration with music that keeps the celebratory spirit alive. This Will Be by Natalie Cole is festive and upbeat, making it perfect for those guests still lingering around.

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Your music essentially serves as the soundtrack to your wedding day, from your prelude to the last dance. These songs are lovely choices for your big day, and a great source of inspiration. Here at Kentucky Pro DJ, as a DJ in Lexington, Kentucky, we would be honored to assist you in creating a magical wedding day with the perfect entertainment. Please feel free to contact us today to book your Lexington wedding DJ.


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