Music and dancing is a great way to entertain your wedding guests. However, if you want to make an impression, there are other forms of entertainment that you can utilize for your big day. After all, your wedding should be an event that is remembered for the many years to come!

Avoid Presenting This Music at Your Wedding

Are you aware of some of the great forms of entertainment that you can present at your wedding?

We believe that you can use many forms of entertainment to add pizzazz to your wedding celebration! That’s why, here at Kentucky Pro DJ, we have decided to share some of these unique ideas with you. Be sure to continue reading to discover some great inspiration:

  • Caricature Artist. Whether you were walking down a boardwalk or enjoying a festive event, you have likely run into a caricature artist. They display fun and creative cartoon drawings of people and will even draw you right on the spot. These are great alternatives to traditional photography and will pose as a fun keepsake from your big day.
  • A Little Magic. Magicians are commonly thought of when planning a party. However, they offer great entertainment for any celebration! You can bring a little magic to your nuptials by booking a magician to entertain you and your guests. Don’t think that magic is only for children, as you can discover adult entertainers to really impress your guests!
  • Reading Palms. Everyone is curious about what the future holds. A palm reader presents the ability to read your future. Your guests will likely flock to this palm reader for a chance to learn a little bit about the mysteries that life holds for them.
  • A Photo Booth. Your guests will want to keep the memories from your big day near and dear to them. With a photo booth, they can capture festive images with fun props and backdrops, ensuring that the memories never fade. In addition, the photos presented will pose as the perfect wedding favors.

Things to Be Considered When Hiring Your Wedding DJ

Wedding music is a must, but these ideas can inspire an exclusive wedding celebration! Here at Kentucky Pro DJ, we are happy to help make your entire wedding day magical with Lexington, Kentucky DJs and Photo Booths. Please contact us today to book your photo booth and wedding DJ in Lexington.