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Your guest list will feature an array of different people. Everyone will be enjoying toasts, snacking on hors d’oeuvres, shaking their hips, and sharing great conversation with loved ones and new friends. When it comes to the dance floor, everyone’s personality shines brightly.

Answers to Common Wedding Music Questions

Every wedding features its own, unique set of guests! However, there are some guests that you should expect to see out on every wedding’s dance floor.

Here at Kentucky Pro DJ, we believe that the unique personalities that your guests have will contribute to the memories and ambiance of your big day. That’s why we have put together the five guests that you can expect to see on any dance floor at a wedding. To learn who these people are, be sure to continue reading:

  • The Queen of Dance. There will be that one woman who knows her way around the dance floor. She knows how to dance and she can’t wait to show you. She is even impressive in heels. She will rule the dance floor, and will rarely leave her kingdom, except to probably grab a drink!
  • The Nostalgic Dancer. While their heart is living in the past, their feet are currently kicking it old school out on your dance floor. Singing along to all the old school songs, and executing those dance moves with ease, they are ready to spend their time pulling out some moves from the past out on the dance floor.
  • The Couple Without a Dancing Filter. This couple is more than happy to be on the dance floor, but you may not feel the same about them. Executing dance moves that will have your grandmother blushing, they certainly don’t mean any harm. After all, they are just trying to spread even more love at such a romantic event.
  • The Cute Kid. Whether it’s your niece, nephew, ring bearer, flower girl, or any other adorable child, you will be able to catch a glimpse of this clumsy, yet charming child as they “dance” with your guests, charming their way into the hearts of many, adding some fun, and creative a celebratory environment.
  • The Mom. Even though this mom hasn’t had the chance to party in a while, she will certainly be enjoying herself on your dance floor. Enjoying the old favorites, and reveling in the hottest music, you can most likely expect to seek the sprinkler among other retro dance moves being showcased.

Things to Consider When Planning Your Wedding Music

Every one of these people will add to the fun and ambiance of your big day, making it a truly unique celebration. Here at Kentucky Pro DJ, as a wedding DJ in Lexington, Kentucky, we would love to assist you in creating the perfect celebration for your nuptials. To begin planning your Lexington wedding DJ, please feel free to contact us today.


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