wedding ceremony

Your wedding ceremony will be an incredibly intimate moment for you and your partner. The words and promises that you exchange will set the tone for your marriage. Although you will be sharing completely romantic gazes and promises, you can still enhance the passion with the right music.

Showcase Appropriate Wedding Music for All Ages

But, what music will make your ceremony perfect?

Here at Kentucky Pro DJ, we believe that your wedding ceremony should be magical. That’s why we have put together a few creative songs for your own wedding ceremony. Be sure to continue reading to learn how you can create the perfect ambiance for yours:

  • Parachutes by Coldplay. You can walk down the aisle to the soothing song Parachutes by Coldplay. This alternative tune has lyrics that exploit the love that one has for another. So, if you will always be loving your partner, this song is certainly an ideal choice for showcasing a unique sound.
  • 1+1 by Beyoncé. On your own, you are amazing. But now that you have your partner, you have added a new and incredible personality to your life. One wonderful person plus another makes for quite a love story, don’t you agree? 1+1 by Beyoncé could be the perfect song to complement your own love story.
  • Everything Has Changed by Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran. There is no doubt that your life has changed for the better once you met and fell in love with your partner. Now, it is about to change even more as you will be committing yourself to them. Everything Has Changed by Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran could be the perfect addition to your ceremony, as it represents how you want to get to know your partner better and evolve with them.

Instrumental Song Options for Your Walk Down the Aisle

Every wedding ceremony should showcase great music! These are just a few songs to inspire you. Here at Kentucky Pro DJ, as a Lexington wedding DJ, we can assist you in putting together the best soundtrack for your own wedding day. Contact us today to begin planning your wedding music in Lexington, Kentucky.


Photo Source: – Brandon O’Connor